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For the best value, PotCo Dispensary partners with Next1. All of their Colorado outdoor-grown concentrates are wonderfully smooth, visually rich, and aromatically appealing. From wax to live resin to shatter to sugar, Next1 concentrates are created in-house through cutting-edge methods to optimize the taste and purity of every strain.

The benefit of concentrates comes from the extraction process, which removes the excess plant matter and leaves behind the most desirable compounds. You’ll typically find high levels of terpenes and cannabinoids, producing the effects you’re looking for by way of a smaller amount of product.

The Benefits of Cannabis Concentrates

Gram for gram, cannabis concentrates have higher price points than flower, pre-rolls, or edibles, but they have higher concentrations of THC. Most have levels ranging between 60 and 99%. That level of potency typically translates to less frequent purchases of a product known for delivering fast results, a strong impact, and lasting effects. Colorado cannabis laws allow adults 21+ to purchase up to 8 grams in a single purchase regardless of their THC levels. Consumers with a state-issued medical card under the age of 21, however, are limited to 2 grams unless the patient’s certification stipulates the need for more.

Exploring the Selection of Cannabis Extracts for Sale at PotCo Dispensary

Cannabis consumers often use the terms “concentrate” and “extract” interchangeably. In actuality, they’re distinctly different products. Extraction separates the desired plant components from the unwanted plant mass. Concentrates are made from extracts refined in a way that results in higher concentrations of cannabinoids and terpenes.

Depending on the processes selected, the concentrates made from cannabis extract can be wax-like, granular, malleable, or brittle. They’re classified by texture and overall appearance. The knowledgeable staff at PotCo enjoys helping people find just the right cannabis concentrate in Denver from our selection of the following product types.

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Shatter in Denver, CO

With a glass-like consistency, shatter is one of the purest forms of concentrates. It’s usually clear or amber in color, smooth, and often slightly sticky. It’s created in thin sheets by using BHO extraction, with butane being the primary extraction solvent. An additional filtration process ensures purity and potency.

Our Wax Selection

The consistency of wax is self-explanatory. Normally yellowish in color, variations in consistency from smooth honey-like to crumbly is due to the heat and moisture levels used during the extraction process. It can most often be smoked out of both a rig or vaporizer. Specific types of wax are quite sticky and need to be consumed with a dabbing tool. You’ll also find waxes referred to as budder, honeycomb, or crumble.

Premium Rosin in Denver, CO

Instead of using a solvent, rosin is the result of heat and pressure applied to kief, trim, or marijuana buds to remove the plant resin. This concentrate is usually golden in color, very oil-like, and retains more of the terpenes and aromas from the plant itself.

THC Oils

Runny and thick in consistency, concentrated oils are created with CO2 rather than butane. Oils offer a unique taste and are usually used in vape pen cartridges, syringes, or edibles. Because the extraction process doesn’t rely on as high of a temperature, more terpenes remain. Oils tend to offer more strictly CBD varieties.

Live Resin Concentrates

Live Resin is made from cannabis that’s flash frozen immediately after harvest rather than dried and cured. The process preserves more of each strain’s distinctive flavor and aroma. The texture and appearance of live resin concentrates can range from smooth and silky like butter to somewhat coarse or crystalline. Live sugar resin, for example, is soft and malleable. It has a distinctive granular, honey-like appearance.


Hash is old-school. The forerunner of complex extraction processes, hash can be made in a number of ways. Kief can be compressed into small greenish pucks or disks. It can be created with ice water and sifting through screens. The end result delivers more potency than traditional flower. Hash is either smoked on its own or combined with regular bud.

How Cannabis Concentrates Are Consumed

There’s no single method of consuming cannabis concentrates that appeals to everyone. Some PotCo customers prefer adding a bit of resin or wax to a joint or one-hitter, while others opt for sublingual absorption. We do find, however, that most consumers using our live resin and waxes enjoy dabbing their concentrates.

Dabbing is a concentrate consumption method quite similar to vaping. Some dabbing enthusiasts prefer the convenience of using battery-operated dabbing devices. They look a lot like a standard vape pen. Others prefer a more traditional approach, a method that requires heating a small amount of concentrate on a heat-safe dab rig.

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Convenient from anywhere across the Denver metro area, PotCo welcomes you to visit our location or order online. Check out our variety of cannabis concentrates, find your favorites, or try something new. Our knowledgeable staff is happy to explain and help you navigate our many options.

When you choose PotCo, you don’t have to rely on search engine results to find “concentrate deals near me.” You’ll find a varied assortment of impressively-priced products at our location on 51st Ave every day. In addition to our in-house line of concentrates, we also have great relationships with companies like Green Dot Labs, Olio, and 710 Labs. If you have questions we haven’t answered, call (720) 794-9354 or contact us online. From the moment you walk through our doors, it’s easy to see why PotCo is the best dispensary for concentrates in Denver.

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