The experts at PotCo in Denver, CO, are dedicated to helping medical and recreational cannabis consumers find the best product for their needs and preferred consumption methods. Alongside our selection of premium house-branded products, you’ll also find an impressive assortment of concentrates, cartridges, and all-in-one devices from Olio – one of our industry’s most in-demand brands.

Olio specializes in live cannabis extracts with unique flavor profiles. Our knowledgeable staff will be happy to answer any questions you might have about enjoying Olio concentrates or Olio extracts when we see you in person. Until then, you may find it helpful to explore the similarities and differences between the selection of Olio products you’ll find at our Denver location.

Why PotCo Customers Appreciate Our Selection of Olio Concentrates

Olio first began perfecting the art of cannabis extraction more than a decade ago. Today, they’re known for utilizing cannabis strains selected from an impressive genetic library. The brand makes the best use of each harvest by crafting premium concentrates. When you visit a PotCo dispensary in Denver, you’ll find an impressive selection of Olio extracts – concentrate waxes, vape carts, and more. The following examples are easily identified by the brand’s distinctive, undeniably artistic packaging.

Olio Live Rosin (Solventless Hash Oil)

Olio live rosin is made from fresh frozen cannabis expertly agitated to liberate the crystalline trichome heads from their stalks. It’s the terpene heads that determine the intricate flavors and aromas of each cannabis strain. The trichomes painstakingly collected during solventless ice water extraction are then filtered, freeze-dried, pressed, and cured. The brand currently offers three live rosin consistencies – Jam, Batter, and Cold-Cure – plus an impressive assortment of live resin vape carts.

Olio Live Resin Concentrates (Butane Hash Oil)

Olio live resin concentrates further illustrate the brand’s commitment to preserving the flavor and aroma of their premium cannabis strains. Their resin concentrates are made with trichomes extracted with a light hydrocarbon substance proven ideal for preserving the plant’s natural cannabinoid and terpene profiles – N-Butane. Their closed-loop extraction system ensures optimal purity and potency.

The brand makes two types of flavorful resin concentrates from fresh frozen cannabis: wet sugar and dry sugar. Olio wet sugar live resin concentrates retain more of each strain’s distinctive flavors and aromas because they’re up to 40% terpenes. Their dry sugar resin concentrates, on the other hand, contain higher concentrations of THCA.

Olio All-in-One Vape Pens (AIO)

Olio All in One (AIO) vape pens feature cartridges containing 500mg of 100% pure Olio rosin paired with a rechargeable 2.5-volt battery. They’re most often favored by concentrate enthusiasts who value portability and convenience. The ceramic heating element transforming Olio extracts into thick plumes of luscious vapor ensures a thoroughly enjoyable experience from the first puff to the last. Ceramic heating coils don’t degrade or alter the flavor of their cannabis rosins.

Searching for Olio Products in Denver, CO? Visit PotCo Dispensary

Cannabis concentrates can be thick and sticky, wax-like, liquid, or granular, and there are numerous ways to enjoy them. Some cannabis enthusiasts prefer adding Olio live rosin or resin to their joints or to amp up the impact of a one-hitter, while others opt for sublingual absorption or making their own edibles. We do find, however, that dabbing concentrates and vaping are the most popular consumption methods among Olio enthusiasts – people who appreciate their complex flavor profiles.

At PotCo, we’re committed to providing the best prices for high-quality cannabis products anywhere in the state. When you’re looking for the best dispensary to browse a selection of Olio live resin and live rosin products, stop by our full-service Denver dispensary. You’ll find us at 11101 E 51st Ave. When you’re short on time, order ahead online to skip the wait. We’re open till 9 PM on weekdays.

Image source(s): WICHAI WONGJONGJAIHAN & SD_FlowerPower via Shutterstock

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