The cannabis experts at PotCo are dedicated to providing high-quality, value-priced medical and recreational use cannabis, the best in our state. Alongside our selection of house-branded products, we also offer an assortment of top tier flower, pre-rolls, concentrates, and edibles cultivated and created by several other like-minded brands – companies with priorities well-aligned with our own.

Consumers who appreciate the virtues of cannabis edibles enjoy browsing the selection of Dialed In Gummies. Our knowledgeable staff will be happy to answer any questions that might arise from the brand’s strain-specific labeling. Until then, consider exploring Dialed In’s extraction methods, production practices, and product lines.

Exploring the Virtues of the Dialed In Products Available at PotCo Dispensary

Dialed In is a Denver-based company committed to small batch production using a proprietary method of solventless ice water extraction and a unique sous vide process to preserve the unique combination of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids in their gummies. Not only does Dialed In deliver exotic cannabis strains in an edible form, the live resin gummies made by their award-winning hash maker are vegan, gluten-free, fat-free, low sodium, and packaged in 100% recyclable materials.

According to the brand’s website, Dialed In uses its platform to empower people from all walks of life by offering career opportunities, paying livable wages above industry standard, providing a substantial amount of PTO, and devising several other initiatives implemented to support the founder’s goals of making the cannabis industry a fair and equitable space.

Delving Into the Overall Potency of Dialed In Gummies

Dialed In works in collaboration with Colorado’s best cannabis growers and rosin makers. The labels adorning their recyclable tins highlight the advantages of their relationships with respected area growers cultivating some of today’s most in-demand strains.

The company’s commitment to working with brands at the top of their game unleashes their ability to provide an epic assortment of gummies with unique terpene profiles. Each batch of Dialed In rosin gummies is made in two rotating flavors, and the brand is well-known for making three types of gummies in several potencies. The following options make it easy for cannabis consumers to find just the right fit for their needs, personal preferences, and lifestyles.

Dialed In THC/CBD 1:1 Rosin Gummies

Dialed In THC/ CBD 1:1 Rosin Gummies are made with a blend of solventless extracted cannabis rosin and full-spectrum hemp extract. Each 20mg, expertly flavored confection delivers 10mg of THC tempered with an equal amount of CBD. Every 200mg tin contains 10 gummies. The QR code printed on Dialed In product labels provides instant access to photos, detailed lab reports, hash makers’ notes, and other details many other brands might be reluctant to share.

Dialed In Medical & Recreational Use Gummies

Dialed In’s extracted methods and sous vide cooking processes result in the production of hash resin gummies that deliver more natural cannabinoids and terpenes than gummies made using alternative methods. The overall quality and consistent texture of the brand’s products are proof of their attention to every detail. Of course, the cannabis experts at PotCo can explain more about the possible effects of our selection of Dialed In gummies based on their knowledge of each strain’s lineage and dominant terpenes. The brand’s medical-use gummies feature 50mg of THC per piece. Dialed In recreational-use gummies have 10mg of THC.

Dialed In Liquid Gummies

Dialed In Liquid Gummies are remarkably versatile. The brand’s flavorful cannabinoid and terpene-infused simple syrup can be added to sparkling water, used to make an impressive number of cannabis-fueled mocktails, or enjoyed right from the bottle. Like Dialed In gummies, the strains used to source the brand’s water-extracted resin, as well as their dominant terpenes and flavor profiles, are detailed on every label. If you’re looking for a specific feeling, don’t hesitate to ask our cannabis experts for recommendations. Every bottle of Dialed In liquid gummies has 100mg of THC.

Looking for Dialed In Gummies in Denver? Check Out the Selection at PotCo Dispensary

Cannabis gummies are available in a wide range of enticing flavors and are one of the most popular dispensary products you’ll find. But they don’t hit as efficiently as smoking or vaping. Since it can take an hour or more for the effects of edibles to peak, the experts at PotCo typically recommend starting with a partial serving and waiting a minimum of two hours before deciding if you want more. Starting low and going slow minimizes the risk of any unpleasantness associated with overconsumption.

If you’re intrigued by what you’ve learned about Dialed In gummies, stop by our Denver dispensary to explore our selection. Our cannabis experts will be more than happy to help you find the ideal water-extracted live resin recreational or medical-use gummies for the experience you’re hoping to achieve. If you have questions about Dialed In Gummies, call (720) 794-9354 or contact us online. When you’re short on time, consider ordering ahead online to skip the wait.

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