Denver’s Frequently Asked PotCo Questions

What is your return policy?
We have a zero return policy due to state regulations.

What are PotCo Dispensary‘s purchasing limits?
PotCo Dispensary will only honor 8 ounces of a patient’s EPC (Extended Plant Count) regardless of higher plant count and or purchasing limit. This is store policy not state regulation.

Do you have a Rewards Program?
We have two rewards programs:

  1. Check-In System
  2. Loyalty Point System

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Do you accept out-of-state Medical Cards?
No, we do not accept out-of-state Medical cards.

Do you accept Digital IDs?
We do accept Digital IDs, but some restrictions may apply.

What are your COVID safety protocols?
You must wear a mask to enter the store and remain a 6 ft. distance from others while in-store.
Online ordering is suggested but not a requirement.
Please follow the instructions in the parking lot to enter the store.

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Do you support any charities?

In 2020, we started a Toy Drive and collaborated with a consumption lounge to bring brand new toys to kids at the Girls and Boys Club.

Information About Our Products

Medical Cannabis is the use of the Marijuana plant or its chemicals to treat diseases or conditions.

How to Use

Dried and cured marijuana is broken down into a grounded state and can be consumed in a numerous amount of forms. One of the most popular and easy ways is with a pipe; a small amount of medical marijuana is placed into the bowl and then lit. While inhaling and exhaling smoke, THC is then passed through the body and its medical properties should activate in the next 5 to 10 minutes.

A popular method of concentrate consumption is called dabbing. Small amounts of concentrate placed on a heated surface produce vapor and the hot vapor is inhaled and exhaled into the body, which activates the medical properties of the product. Concentrates can be found in many forms with wax and shatter being the most universally known.

Edibles come in many different varieties including brownies, candy, cookies, drinks, mints, and chocolate bars. Cannabis enters the bloodstream when consumed orally, only after being broken down and digested into the body. Consuming infused products is always a safer alternative to smoking medical cannabis and simply needs to be taken in the proper dosage instructed on the product.

Topicals are cannabis products made for external use, Topicals usually consist of lotions, lip balms, salves, bath salts, or essential oils. These products are infused with cannabis for medical properties to be simply applied to the body. This is very beneficial for patients who do not wish to smoke or eat medical cannabis.

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First time shopping at PotCo today and it was a great experience! Didn’t have to wait more than a few minutes to get in and shop…

Dan W.

Ever since moving to Denver I’ve had a hard time finding a dispensary I really like, until I found PotCo. Very friendly staff…

Justin P.

Awesome flower and awesome people I’ve been a member for probobly almost 2 years abd if I ever had a problem it always got…

Derrell P.

Great employees that make you feel welcome, great cannabis selection and prices. Would recommend to all…

Shelby D.

This place is by far the absolute best priced medical marijuana dispensary period. The bud tenders are polite and very knowledgeable…

Jon M.

PotCo is one of the best medical depos in Denver! They are soo consistent with the medicine it is unreal…

Austin T.
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