The popularity of and demand for medicinal cannabis continues to grow, one success story at a time. PotCo Dispensary makes sure you’re one of them. We are your premier medical cannabis dispensary in the greater Denver Metro, with a solid reputation among the medical community across Denver, Aurora, Commerce City, Dupont, Henderson, and Westminster, CO. We’ve been here since 2015, right from the beginning, offering membership to anyone with a valid Medical Marijuana Registration Card (Red Card) issued by the State of Colorado.

Medical Marijuana in Denver, CO

We cater to large purchasers in the medical market, EPC patients, those new to cannabis, and our loyal customers who’ve experienced the many benefits firsthand. Our personalized care and attention ensure your comfort, security, and confidence in your decisions. PotCo Dispensary is staffed with well-informed, friendly, and approachable budtenders who are always willing to discuss your concerns, goals, and questions.

High-Quality Medical Cannabis Products in Denver

Whether you shop online or check out our exceptional selection of flower, concentrates, edibles and topicals in-store, expect outstanding quality. We work with Next1 to include a broad menu of homegrown, carefully cultivated wax, shatter, live sugar, live budder, cured sugar, cured budder, and live sauce cartridges. PotCo Dispensary meets your highest expectations for potency, consistency, terpenes, delivery methods, and effective treatment.

Medical Marijuana Store in Denver, CO | Cannabis Dispensary

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First time shopping at PotCo today and it was a great experience! Didn’t have to wait more than a few minutes to get in and shop…

Dan W.

Ever since moving to Denver I’ve had a hard time finding a dispensary I really like, until I found PotCo. Very friendly staff…

Justin P.

Awesome flower and awesome people I’ve been a member for probobly almost 2 years abd if I ever had a problem it always got…

Derrell P.

Great employees that make you feel welcome, great cannabis selection and prices. Would recommend to all…

Shelby D.

This place is by far the absolute best priced medical marijuana dispensary period. The bud tenders are polite and very knowledgeable…

Jon M.

PotCo is one of the best medical depos in Denver! They are soo consistent with the medicine it is unreal…

Austin T.
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